With today’s vast variety of options for outdoor furniture and decor, it’s easier than ever to bring your home and backyard into stylish harmony. Read on to discover some simple decorating tips for making your yard, deck, or patio a seamless extension of your home.

Create Cushioned Comfort

Outdoor lounge areas can rival your living room. Utilize outdoor patio sectionals that have plenty of seating, or mix and match lounge chairs, sofas, and ottomans for comfy seating options. Place a coffee table in the center, or consider a fire pit for as a focal piece.

Upholstered outdoor sofas
Upholstered outdoor sofas and ottomans huddle beneath an umbrella to create a cozy, comfortable conversation area. Crate and Barrel

Ottomans and poufs are an easy way to add plushness while providing a functional accent at the same time.

For the ultimate in comfort that flows from indoors to out, consider complementary textures. A home with an interior design that celebrates woven fabrics, wooly blankets, and mounds of throw pillows calls for outdoor furniture with thick cushions and woven wicker frames. Weather-resistant pillows make it easy to continue your love for plush seating outside.

Go with deep sofas and chairs that allow you to accessorize with pillows of all sizes and colors. Layer the look with an outdoor rug for added softness.

Go Au Natural

The easiest way to find harmony in your decor is to keep a natural look both indoors and out, especially if your patio or deck overlooks a natural landscape. Choose a neutral color palette and natural materials, like wood, wicker and stone, to complement your surroundings. Select textures that look at home in nature, such as stoneware or pottery.

furnishings from natural materials
Natural materials, colors, and textures enhance the feel of warmth and comfort. Crate and Barrel

Landscape the boundaries around your space for a seamless transition from your home to the outdoors. Fill out borders and bare spots around the house and patio with flower beds, bushes, and trees—and stagger them to create height and depth.

Use creeping vines on pergolas and trellises to make living walls and ceilings that provide shade from the bright daytime sun. Consider adding a large wall-mounted planter on a bare wall to pull attention as a focal point, much like a piece of art would do inside your home.

Just as you do inside, you can switch things up outside to change with the seasons. Feature bolder colors in warmer months, and more muted tones as the temperature changes. But don’t overdo it. One of the easiest ways to over-complicate things in an outdoor space is to over-decorate, so when in doubt, it’s always helpful to keep things simple and declutter.

Stay within the Lines

To make your entertaining space seamlessly flow from indoors to out, look at the lines. Find similarities in the shape and materials of the furniture you choose to tie the two spaces together. For a home with simple, clean lines, choose the same for patio and deck furniture. Consider pieces with metal frames for the ultimate sleek look. For décor that is more traditional, opt for patio furniture that has a solid base, with sturdy and wide wooden elements.

contemporary outdoor furniture
Rectilinear lines carry the interior design of this contemporary home out to the patio. Crate and Barrel

Use décor that balances the silhouettes of your furniture. Delicate metallic lanterns and planters make for a simple touch to a modern space, while oversized stone or wooden vases anchor a more rustic design scheme.

Light the Way

Keep your indoor and outdoor spaces fluid even after dark. Master the lighting in your backyard or patio to stay cozy long after the sun has set.

Sturdy outdoor lanterns can give a refined yet simple touch to an indoor seating area. Place them around perimeters or near seating areas to warm up dark spots in your outdoor space with orbs of warm light. Use them with flameless pillar candles so that you don’t have to worry about anything tipping over and catching fire. Adorn tables with smaller candles and tea lights in decorative metal or glass candle holders that will sustain an ambiance throughout the evening.

Outdoor lanterns
Outdoor lanterns invite guests with warmth and style. Crate and Barrel

Another easy way to create a welcoming evening atmosphere is to upgrade from Christmas lights to strings of globe lights or glass Edison bulbs. Glass bulbs with exposed filaments offer a warm glow from above rather than a stark white light, creating a calm and relaxing mood for guests—this will also help your outdoor space align with the lighting inside.

Christian Schultz is a content creator for Crate and Barrel, where you can find indoor and outdoor options for seamless style. He’s an outdoor dining enthusiast with experience writing and editing for lifestyle, art and entertainment publications.