With its record of covering more than one million homes and handling over three million service requests, Choice Home Warranty has established itself as one of the top home warranty companies in the industry. In our Choice Home Warranty review, we break down this provider’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can decide whether or not Choice Home Warranty is the right provider for your home warranty needs.

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Choice Home Warranty: The Highlights

Background and Availability

Choice Home Warranty was started in 2008 in Edison, New Jersey, and is now available in 48 states, excluding California and Oklahoma. The table below reveals the pros and cons of working with Choice Warranty as your provider.

Pros Cons
  • Available in 48 states
  • Covers systems and appliances of all ages
  • 48-hour response time after submitting a claim
  • Service guarantee for 90 days on parts and 30 days on labor
  • Free cancellation within 30 days
  • $75 off and one month free for new customers
  • Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • Mixed customer reviews
  • Basic plan does not cover air conditioning system, refrigerator, washer or dryer
  • Only offers two plans
  • Doesn’t offer a customizable service fee
  • Doesn’t cover known or unknown pre-existing conditions or failure to maintain systems and appliances


To get a free quote from Choice Home Warranty, fill out this simple form or call 929-400-6165.

Choice Home Warranty is a great option for homeowners who find comfort in being able to cancel their plan for free within 30 days. However, for a wider variety of plan options, we also recommend checking out American Home Shield, which has a customizable service fee and plan, coverage of undetectable pre-existing conditions and a stellar reputation.

You can get a free quote from top provider American Home Shield by entering a few details here or by calling 844-529-9298.


Choice Home Warranty Coverage Options

Choice Home Warranty offers two plans: a Basic Plan and a Total Plan. The company’s Basic Plan covers 14 appliances and systems, while the Total Plan covers 18 items. Choice’s Total Plan includes coverage for an air conditioning system, refrigerator, washer, and dryer. You can see what these two plans cover in the table below.

Both of Choice Home Warranty’s plans cover appliances and systems regardless of their age, which is noteworthy for homeowners with aging homes. Choice Home Warranty offers these nine optional add-ons for its plans:

  • Central vacuum
  • Second refrigerator
  • Pool and spa
  • Septic tank pumping
  • Septic system
  • Sump pump
  • Well pump
  • Limited roof leak
  • Stand-alone freezer

Basic Plan Total Plan
Heating system
Electrical system
Plumbing system
Plumbing stoppage
Water heater
Whirlpool bathtub
Built-in microwave
Garbage disposal
Clothes washer
Clothes dryer
Garage door opener



Choice Home Warranty Cost

Homeowners with home warranties have to pay two types of costs: a monthly premium and a service fee. A service fee (a.k.a. deductible) is paid every time a service is needed, while a monthly premium is paid monthly regardless of whether or not a service is requested.

In order to help homeowners consider Choice Home Warranty’s cost, we requested price quotes from this provider. As you can see in our sample quotes collected below, Choice’s monthly premium for its Total Plan costs about $7 per month more than its Basic Plan. Both plans fall within the typical industry average of about $25 to $60 per month. 

Unlike some providers, Choice Home Warranty doesn’t let you choose a service fee other than $85. This is unfortunate because homeowners who prefer a lower monthly premium cost can request a higher service fee with some home warranty companies. However, it might be possible to get a discount on your service fee by talking to one of Choice Home Warranty’s representatives.

Here are the sample price quotes our team received from Choice Home Warranty:

Plan Name Cost
Basic Plan About $36.17 per month
Total Plan About $43.85 per month
Optional Add-ons Between $40 to $180 per year
Service Fee $85


Choice Home Warranty Reviews

Our review team analyzed customer feedback on Choice Home Warranty to look for trends in customer experiences of this provider and how Choice Warranty’s customer reviews compare to other home warranty companies in the industry. We found that Choice Home Warranty’s reviews are mixed and are not as positive as providers such as Amazon Home Warranty and American Home Shield. Below we summarize what we found.

The Good:

  • Coverage plans protect many needed items and parts
  • Positive experiences with customer service representatives

The Bad:

  • Some problems with communication between professional contractors and homeowners
  • Some unexpected claim denials

You can read a few reviews for Choice Home Warranty that we found below:

…This was much better than any experience I have had or heard of others having when owning a home warranty. All parts were covered, and I just paid the service fee.” – Donald S. via Trustpilot

“…The vendor did not show up and when called, they said the claim was cancelled. We asked to have the repair order re-assigned. They re-assigned it to the same company that was a no show!” – Kari B. via Better Business Bureau


Getting a Quote and Submitting a Claim

To get a quote from Choice Home Warranty, you can enter a few details here or call 929-400-6169.

To submit a claim with Choice Home Warranty, you can either:

    1. Contact the Claims department at 1-888-531-5403, which is open 24/7.
    2. Submit a claim online by logging into your account.
    3. Choice Warranty responds to claims within four days when a claim is submitted on a holiday or weekend and within two business days when a claim is submitted during a business day.


Final Thoughts

Choice Home Warranty is one of the best home warranty companies in the industry because it covers appliances and systems of all ages at an affordable cost, and it offers two comprehensive coverage plans with a number of optional add-ons to choose from. 

However, Choice Home Warranty’s customer reviews are mixed, it doesn’t offer a customizable service fee or plan, and it only offers two plans to choose from. Because of these drawbacks, we encourage consumers seeking a wide range of plan options to also consider American Home Shield.


Alternative Provider for Better Plan Variety

American Home Shield offers a customizable service fee, a customizable Build-Your-Own plan and four different plans to choose from. It also covers undetectable pre-existing conditions, which Choice Home Warranty does not cover. 

American Home Shield has the largest network of pre-screened home service professionals and is known for having the fastest claims service of any provider in the industry. We ranked this provider as the best overall home warranty company in the market because of these impressive traits. You can learn more in our American Home Shield review. 

You can get a free quote from American Home Shield by calling 844-529-9298 or by entering a few details on this page.


What Are the Benefits of a Home Warranty?

With a home warranty, homeowners don’t have to worry about major disruptions to their budgets when expensive systems and appliances break down or need repairs in their home. Long-time homeowners know that repairs and replacements to home systems and appliances are not cheap — thousands of dollars are commonly needed to replace these items, and repairs commonly cost several hundred dollars.

Many homeowners invest in their home’s future with a home warranty because it provides peace of mind. Because we believe strongly in the value of a home warranty, our review team analyzed over 20 home warranty companies and made a list of the best home warranties for your use in selecting a provider.

It is worth noting that homeowners who earn a high income or have a large amount of disposable savings such that they can easily pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket do not need a home warranty. Very few homeowners are in this situation, so purchasing a home warranty is advised for most homeowners.