First American Home Warranty is one of the longest-operating and most popular home warranty companies in the industry. According to its website, First American saved homeowners more than $177 million dollars last year in covered repairs and replacements.

In our First American Home Warranty review, our team examines FAHW’s coverage, cost, claims process and more to help you decide if this is the right provider for you. We also discuss an alternative home warranty provider for homeowners to consider.

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First American Home Warranty: The Highlights

Background and Availability

First American Home Warranty was started in 1984 by First American Family, a company that offers a variety of services such as homeowners insurance, title insurance and trust services. First American Home Warranty is available in 34 states but does not offer service in the following states:

Excluded States
  • Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin


Pros and Cons

The pros and cons table below summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of this provider:

Pros Cons
  • Over 35 years of experience in the home warranty industry
  • Holds Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation and a B rating
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Covers appliances and systems regardless of age
  • Available in 34 states
  • Offers two plans
  • Only offers central air conditioning coverage as an optional add-on
  • Only the company’s Premier plan covers your home’s major systems


Interested homeowners can get a free quote from First American by calling (833) 777-0049 or by filling out this quick form.

While our review team appreciates FAHW’s industry experience, BBB accreditation and coverage of appliances and systems of all ages, its lack of coverage for a central air conditioning system within its plans is a significant downside. In addition, there are only two First American Home Warranty plans to choose from, one of which doesn’t offer coverage for the major systems in one’s home.

We recommend American Home Shield to our readers over First American Home Warranty because it offers four comprehensive coverage plans to homeowners, including one customizable Build-Your-Own plan. In addition, American Home Shield is available in 49 states (excluding Alaska), and it covers a central air conditioning system within its Systems and Combo plan. Homeowners can also cover this system through the company’s Build-Your-Own plan. You can read more about this company in our American Home Shield review.

To get a free quote from American Home Shield, call 844-529-9298 or fill out this simple form.


First American Home Warranty Coverage Options

Customers can choose between two First American Home Warranty plans: a Basic plan and a Premier plan. The company’s Basic plan covers 8 appliances, while the company’s Premier plan covers 16 home systems and appliances. Since the company’s Basic plan does not cover home systems, homeowners who want their electrical, plumbing, and heating systems covered must choose the company’s Premier plan. Neither plan covers a homeowner’s central air conditioning system — it must be purchased as an optional add-on.

The table below shows what each of First American’s plans offers. Below the table is a list of the company’s optional add-ons.

Appliance/System Basic Plan Premier Plan
Washing Machine
Oven, range, and cooktop
Garbage disposal
Trash compactor
Plumbing stoppages
Heating system
Water heaters
Electrical systems
Garage door opener
Central vacuum system
Ceiling fan


Optional add-ons: 

  • Central air conditioning system
  • Pool/spa
  • Well pump
  • Second refrigerator

In addition to the optional add-ons above, First American Home Warranty offers a “First Class Upgrade” for its plans. This upgrade includes the benefits listed below: 

  • Coverage for cosmetic damage to home appliances and systems
  • Coverage for appliance removal and hauling away expenses
  • When replacing an appliance requires a local building permit, First American pays up to $250 for these expenses


First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation covers systems and appliances of every age, but it does not cover these items when they have pre-existing conditions that caused their damage. The company also excludes some parts in certain appliances and systems, so be sure to study a sample contract from this provider carefully. For example, First American does not cover low voltage systems or power surges in an electrical system.


First American Home Warranty Prices

According to our sample price quotes in the table below, First American Home Warranty coverage costs about $28 per month for the Basic plan and about $42.50 per month for the Premier plan. These monthly premiums both fit in the typical industry average of $25 to $60 per month. While First American’s Basic plan is much cheaper, remember that this plan only covers eight appliances in one’s home and does not cover any of the major systems in your home.

Homeowners who are considering First American as their provider should probably plan to pay at least nine dollars more per month than these rates so that they can get their central air conditioning system covered, which is very expensive to repair and replace. First American Home Warranty’s service fee is just $75, which is at the lower end of the typical industry range of $75 to $125.

Plan Cost

Plans Monthly Cost
Basic plan $28
Premier plan $42.50

Optional Add-ons Cost

Optional Add-ons Monthly Cost
Pool/spa $15
Central air conditioner $9
First-class upgrade $9
Additional refrigerator $4


Getting a Quote and Submitting a Claim

To get a custom quote from FAHW, homeowners can call (833) 777-0049 or enter a few details on the company’s form.

There are two ways to submit a claim with First American Home Warranty. You can request service by:

  1. Calling 800-992-3400 at any hour (customer service is available 24/7)
  2. Enter your claim by logging into your online account

First American Home Warranty will typically respond within 48 hours to a claim by having a local, pre-screened contractor contact you. From there, you can set up a time with the contractor to visit your home. After the contractor has repaired the issue or ordered your replacement item, you will then pay your service fee of $75.


First American Home Warranty Reviews

First American Home Warranty holds BBB accreditation and a B rating from the organization, and it has also performed well in its online customer reviews.

It holds a four-star average rating on Trustpilot and a three-star average rating on BBB. Positive First American reviews tend to emphasize the company’s professional customer service and helpful contractors, while negative customer reviews frequently mention that their contract is too hard to understand or their speed of service is too slow.

We read sample reviews on First American’s BBB and Trustpilot webpages to get a sense of customers’ experience with the company. Below are a few recent reviews we found:

On May 29, 2020, Richard N. wrote via BBB: “I opened two claims in the past 2 weeks. One was for the water heater and the other one was for the garage door springs. [First American Home Warranty] handled those requests quickly and professionally. I received email and text notifications within minutes of submitting my requests for repair…”

On June 2, 2020, Len R. wrote via BBB:  “I have filed two service requests with them and neither are resolved after two months of going back and forth with them and their local repair affiliates…”

On June 9, 2020, Ken K. wrote via Trustpilot: “The contract coverage is generally very good. The downside to FIrst American is when anything more than a minor repair is needed. The amount of time it takes for contractors to receive authorizations from First American is at times excessive and causes delays in getting repairs completed…”


Final Thoughts

With its strong industry reputation, positive customer reviews and coverage of appliances and systems of all ages, First American is certainly a provider worth considering. However, there are some significant downsides to this provider worth noting including its number of plans, low state availability, and lack of central air conditioning coverage within its plans.

Our review team evaluated every major home warranty company in the industry, including First American, and we found that American Home Shield is the best overall home warranty company. In the section below, we discuss why we recommend this particular home warranty company to our readers.


Alternative Provider: American Home Shield

American Home Shield (AHS) is the oldest and the most popular home warranty company in the industry. It offers four coverage plans, two of which automatically cover your home’s central air conditioning system. Many customers like AHS’ Build-Your-Own plan, which allows you to select the systems or appliances that you need covered. 

In addition to its customizable plan, American Home Shield lets you choose your own service fee between $75 and $125. The service fee you select impacts the monthly premium that you will have to pay. Because of its greater plan options and customizability, we think American Home Shield is a better choice than First American for most homeowners.

You can get a free quote from American Home Shield by calling 844-529-9298 or by entering a few details on this quote form.


What Are the Benefits of a Home Warranty?

With a home warranty, homeowners are protected from very expensive repair bills that can have a devastating impact on their budget and savings. Home warranty owners pay a monthly premium of about $25 to $60 and a service fee (a.k.a. deductible) between about $75 to $125 whenever a repair or replacement is needed in their home.

When an expensive system or appliance such as an air conditioning system inevitably breaks down, the home warranty company will repair or replace it for you after you pay your service fee. Instead of paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket, you will only have to pay a small service fee because of your investment in a home warranty. Similar to paying for an insurance policy, a home warranty won’t always be needed, but when it is needed, it will often save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

It is a smart idea for homeowners to get quotes from multiple home warranty companies so that they can compare their offers against each other. There are links and phone numbers in this article so that you can get a free quote from both First American and American Home Shield. You might also consider getting quotes from Select Home Warranty and Choice Home Warranty, too.